Your Child's Preschool

Why Your Choice of Preschool is Important

There is a large body of research that shows that from the moment of birth babies are thinking, making sense of their world and building a view of life. As they grow these learning experiences get fine tuned over time. Young children have a great capacity for learning, soaking up every experience they see, hear and touch.

The environment our youngsters spend their time in, their interactions with peers and adults, the stimuli from their surroundings and the experiences they go through by exploring and experimenting through play make a lasting impression on their lives. By the end of your child’s tentative and tender first five years of life, 90% of his or her brain connections will already have been made.

So knowing this, it follows that children can gain much from their preschool experience. We think parents should be looking for a preschool where the staff know how to provide a rich and stimulating environment and where staff also have the experience to provide the children with emotional support and nurture.

The knowledge to create the environment comes from staff having the professional commitment to study and learn how to help the children in their care learn through play. At Hambrook Hedgehogs we have a highly qualified and experienced team.

The experience needed comes with spending time with children in relevant early years settings. The Hambrook Hedgehogs team consists of staff with experience in many preschools, nurseries and schools across Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

Hambrook Hedgehogs exists because the staff have a passion to create a stimulating and thriving place where we can help the children develop by putting all of our experience and knowledge into action for their benefit.

Choosing a Preschool