Harry's Page

Hello boys and girls, my name is Harry Hedgehog. I’m the mascot for Hambrook Pre-School and After School Club.

This part of the website is here for children at the pre-school to get to know a bit more about Hambrook Hedgehogs, to play a few games and to have some fun.

My job at Hambrook Hedgehogs is to make sure that children at the pre-school know everything that’s going on so watch out for some of my announcements in the News section of this website.

If you’ve got some ideas that you would like to see at the pre-school or on this website, please let me know. You can email me at harry@hambrookpreschool.co.uk.

We'll be adding fun things to do in the coming weeks and months. To get you started, we've got a Hambrook Hedgehogs colouring sheet that you can print off here.

See you soon,