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Write Dance

posted 13 May 2012, 14:21 by Zoe Hendy   [ updated 13 May 2012, 14:22 ]
The children have been taking part in Write Dance sessions.  Write Dance is a movement programme that supports pre-writing skills and is specifically designed for preschool children. The latest session involved listening to a story about two children on a beach and how they made sandcastles and then made rain by shaking water on them.  The children listened to a song about the beach and followed instructions to produce actions.  They made straight lines and circles in the air with their arms and hands.

Moving to the creative room the children listened to the song again this time with a pen in each hand.  They followed the staff member’s actions of drawing on the paper.  They drew horizontal lines to represent the sand on the beach and vertical lines to create sandcastles in the air.  They also drew circles for the clouds and dots and small strokes for the rain drops. 

Paper and chalks were later left on the Write Dance table and children were free to carry on creating the story on new pieces of paper. The sessions have proved to be very popular with the children and enjoyable for both children and staff.