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We've had a busy couple of months...here is just a few examples of what we have been doing!

posted 27 Dec 2018, 02:41 by Zoe Hendy   [ updated 27 Dec 2018, 02:57 ]
New and Returning Children settled very quickly into the new term and with all the fine weather we were able to spend plenty of time outside.

We spent time exploring our gardening areas, planting bulbs and sowing seeds for our propagators as well as creating some lovely beds of winter violas and pansies.

We went out walking and gathering items on our travels to make our own special potions.
We added water and some herbs and had great fun mixing everything together and smelling the results.

We collected leaves for printing and producing leaf designs like our Autumn hedgehog.  We also made a display where we matched leaves to an array of autumnal paper swatches. 

Just before Halloween we made our own pumpkin planters. The children used ice cream scoops to take out the centre of the pumpkins before filling them with compost and adding plants.

Many of our older children have spent time with our special listening leopard Lola.  Each session has given them a new activity to master while learning how to be a good listener.  All the children have worked really hard in these sessions to stay focused and to listen to Lola and each other.  They have also been able to talk about what it means to be a good listener and demonstrate this during story times and other circle time sessions. 

Inspired by the windy and rainy weather that followed our mild term we began talking about different types of weather.
ome of the children then went on to make their own weather charts to take home.

We love mark making at Hedgehogs and are always looking for new and exciting ways for children to explore and develop their mark making abilities. 

Our upside down writing sessions using a writing den where children were able to lie on their backs and write on the ceiling proved very popular as did our use of lolly sticks, painting combs and fingers when playing with gloop and with sand mousse. 

Some days we simply covered a whole table with rolls of paper and watched the results with many children choosing to draw topical pictures, characters from stories we have read or attempting their names and other words.

The Winter term provided us with plenty of opportunities to talk about different family celebrations and festivals including making diva lamps for Diwali. 

We have supported two charities by baking and cooking treats for Children in Need

and by wearing Christmas jumpers and decorating sweater bunting for Save the Children.

Finally in the run up to Christmas the children all got involved in making various items for our Christmas market role play area which they enjoyed playing in during our open mornings with many of our visiting parents.