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We have loved the cold weather!

posted 3 Feb 2013, 10:23 by Zoe Hendy   [ updated 7 Apr 2013, 09:19 ]
The cold weather hasn’t stopped us having lots of fun experiences last term.  The children took it in turns to go out onto the common to look at the frost on the ground.  We talked about the weather and how the temperature changes at different times of the year.  We looked at the frost on a single blade of grass and how that soon turned to water from the warmth of our hands.  We felt the hard ground beneath our feet and talked about how difficult it must be for birds to find food at this time of year.  The children had recently been making ‘fat and seed’ bird feeders in their forest skill lessons and by experiencing the cold, hard ground themselves this enhanced their learning experience.

The following week we found a bowl of water had frozen in the garden so we brought it inside to investigate.  We asked the children what they thought was in the bowl.  We discussed that it had rained and the water had landed in the bowl and that as the temperature had dropped the night before the rainwater had frozen.  We asked the children what the frozen water was called.  We discussed where else you might see ice and some of the children said that they had been ice skating.

Everyone felt the ice discovering how cold and hard it was.  We watched the water that was trapped underneath as it was poured down the sink then we tipped the bowl upside down and saw the pretty patterns and “snowflake” effects on the underside of the ice.  The children touched this very carefully. 

We continued to investigate our ice further by placing more bowls outside and this time we placed leaves and twigs inside so that they became trapped in the ice.  The children enjoyed bringing in the ice and watching our own mini ‘thaws’.