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Summer Months

posted 9 Sep 2011, 07:01 by Zoe Hendy
We had some fun days towards the end of term spending lots of time in the garden.  We had a sports week where the preschool children were able to try out a selection of sports activities including an assault course, climbing equipment, didi cars, bat and ball games, parachute games and skittles.

Both the preschool and after school children enjoyed their summer parties and spent the last week preparing for these.  We saw some great party banners, decorations and party hats.  The fancy dress preschool party was a great opportunity to have all of our pre-schoolers together for the day and the after school parties went well with the children planning their own activities and food options.  The popcorn and film went down a treat!

Sadly we had to say goodbye to two of our pre-schoolers as they headed off for 'big school'.  We wish them both well in their new schools.