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Some pictures from our recent trips to the nature garden

posted 1 Apr 2016, 11:39 by Zoe Hendy

We've had a brilliant time exploring and gathering all sorts of interesting things in our recent trips to the nature garden.  Some of these were gathered in boxes and are now being used to make our own miniature gardens back at Hedgehogs. 

Taking walks through the different paths the children have found some rather unusual items such as a large ceramic bottle, a silver wheel, brightly coloured bunting and a giant spoon and fork.  It wasn't long before we were talking about who might have left these strange items and whether there was in fact a giant living there!

Back at hedgehogs we recounted what we had seen and together made up a story about our friendly giant in the woods.  The children also draw pictures of their experiences.


You may have noticed some of our Forest Skills weaving hanging up in our front garden too. For these we made some different shaped frames out of twigs and then strung the frames with twine. We gathered together as many interesting items as we could and threaded them between the twine to make our weaving.

As Easter approached we used a selection of natural resources and shredded paper to make our own birds nests in which chocolate eggs and small chicks miraculously appeared by home time.

We are looking forward to more nature garden explorations next term.