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Some of our activities from Term Three

posted 9 Feb 2016, 03:10 by Zoe Hendy   [ updated 9 Feb 2016, 04:12 ]
In term three we have been looking at…

The Weather : We talked about all different types of weather.

Every day at circle time we looked outside and decided what the weather was at that moment - luckily for us there were quite a few different types of weather to talk about!

The children made their own weather charts to take home so that they could continue to study the weather and change the charts accordingly.

The freezing weather this term gave us the opportunity to explore ice.

The big blocks of ice had frozen with shells and pine cones inside them and there were all sorts of pretty patterns within the ice.

We explored what happened as the ice started to melt.

Our Bodies : We set up our role play area as a doctor's surgery and talked about our bodies.
We had great fun drawing round ourselves as you can see! 
We also used our light box to take a look at some real life x-rays.

The doctor's role play was very busy - some of our dolls were pretty poorly and needed lots of bandages and dressings!

Keeping Safe: We have been learning about road safety. The older children have been going out on road safety walks dressed up in their hi vis jackets and have been practicing crossing the road safely.

They have been looking at road signs and road markings in the area and discussing what they mean.

Teddy has gone out with them too and he has now received his road safety certificate! 

We added our own home made vehicles and zebra crossing to the road layout which allowed us more opportunity to talk about crossing roads safely.

Celebrations and Festivals:  At the end of term we talked about Chinese New Year which took place this weekend. The children have made their own "red pockets" and pocket money and have had a go at making Chinese dragons. We have been talking about the different animals in the Chinese calendar and working out which of the children are snakes, dragons and rabbits!