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Parent Feedback

posted 11 Feb 2016, 13:23 by Zoe Hendy   [ updated 11 Feb 2016, 13:25 ]
We recently asked our parents for some feedback via a parent questionnaire.  Thank you to all of you who replied.  It was great to have such a good response and for so many of you to take the time to fill in the questionnaire.

We asked what was most important when choosing a preschool.  Here are some of the responses...

  • Location, happy, secure and friendly learning environment
  • Whether our child would be happy there combined with flexibility and convenience
  • Friendly open family feel and relaxing place my children can develop
  • How friendly and welcoming the environment was
  • How the other children were whilst visiting
  • Facilities on offer i.e. the garden and how well equipped with toys, books, computer etc.
  • Caring environment that a shy child would feel comfortable in
  • Plenty of craft activities and outside play
  • That is wasn't too big and overwhelming.  Hedgehogs is a lovely size
  • Friendly and feel like home surroundings
  • That is was a place I could see my child happy in
  • That there was a nice outside area
  • That the staff were caring and have my child's best interest at heart
  • Able to give care to individual needs and giving the child the feeling of security
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • A small friendly place that was like home to my child
  • Emotional well being and safety
  • My child's happiness
  • Small, friendly, understanding, helpful and supportive

We then asked what parents like best about Hedgehogs and here are some of these responses...

  • My child really enjoys the company of all carers and children there
  • The caring and nurturing my daughter receives
  • Different rooms allowing smaller groups
  • Garden and garden learning
  • The daily bulletin on the window (what we have done today)
  • I feel relaxed and know both the boys have felt the same
  • My daughter sees her key worker as her friend
  • The individual care given by the staff and their willingness to take on additional knowledge and work to help individual children
  • Absolutely everything!
  • The staff are amazing with each and every child - now all three of my youngest children have attended
  • Caring staff who clearly love children
  • I feel my child is comfortable and safe.  She is happy to attend and talks about her friends
  • The great communication from the preschool about how my child is settling in
  • It isn't too big and it's always so welcoming 
  • Always something for the children to do
  • Always thinking of new activities to do with the children
  • Children go outside a lot
  • Everyone who works there knows my child and will help me or talk to me if I need it
  • Always willing to speak to me about my child
  • 100% the staff
  • Great setting - good half way house between childminder/at home and school
  • How much my children love going
  • Good reputation

We asked our parents whether based on their experience, they would recommend Hedgehogs to another parent.  We were delighted that 100% of responses were yes.