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It has been a busy few months at Hedgehogs...

posted 18 May 2017, 13:26 by Zoe Hendy   [ updated 18 May 2017, 13:29 ]
Here's just a small selection of some of our learning experiences.

We have been learning a great deal about people and communities around the world through our cultural celebrations and items children have brought in for show and tell.  Our ‘families around the world’ display is spreading over the wall now and is a great focal point for discussions about similarities and differences between ourselves and others. 

As part of these experiences we were delighted to have a visit from this superb Chinese dragon. All the children had a chance to take part in a dragon dance and go inside the costume, fantastic!

When we celebrated St Patrick's day we saw the smaller version of Dublin’s statute of Molly Malone and some photos of home life in Ireland before listening and dancing to some wonderful Irish music.

And when we talked about the Hindu Holi festival of colours, celebrating the beginning of spring, we used lots of bright colours in our painting, mixing them with our hands on bubble wrap and producing these great patterned prints.

We have been spending time looking at ways we can keep healthy including what we eat and how we exercise.  We are sure many of you will now be aware that at every circle time in the morning the children take turns to choose some exercises that we carry out together.  These are displayed on the main room door and include kangaroo jumps, frog bounces and bunny hops as well as lunges and press ups! 

All the exercises we carry out have been suggested by the children and we all have great fun seeing how well we can jump and hop around before feeling our hearts and talking about how exercise makes our bodies feel.

When we spent some time talking about our emotions and feelings we used mirrors to help us see our facial expressions.  Later some of the children were able to recreate these expressions for a display.

We have also spent time looking at and naming different parts of our bodies as well as looking at some x-rays on our light box. 

Not forgetting the importance of a healthy diet too the children had the opportunity to make their own wraps containing lots of salad and vegetables.
The children had a go at peeling carrots, grating carrot and cheese and chopping up cucumber, peppers and tomatoes.

They also explored different fruits and had a go at making these delightfully tasty fruit skewers.

We enjoy getting rather messy at Hedgehogs and many parents would have noticed some rather sparkly (and a bit floury) children coming out at the end of the day when we tried our hand at making our own moon sand. 

The children used a combination of oils, flour and glitters for this.  It was super soft to touch and great fun to mould even if it did get everywhere!

We enjoyed a very fragrant messy table too when the children were investigating herbs.

We had a selection of mint, coriander, basil and chives for them to explore.

They cut pieces off the herb plants and combined them with play dough in any way they chose, experimenting with rolling, flattening, squashing and squeezing the dough/herb mixture.