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Improvements to our Preschool Garden

posted 30 Oct 2011, 08:25 by Zoe Hendy   [ updated 30 Oct 2011, 08:26 ]
For those of you who have not ventured into the back garden of the pre-school lately, we now have a playhouse that the children are enjoying very much.

The day the preschoolers discovered the playhouse was at the start of our week talking about the three bears. After telling the story we then went outside and the children discovered the three bears’ cottage for themselves!

The side of the house is going to be painted with blackboard paint shortly to allow for more mark making activities to be done outside.

We have also recently purchased some child sized picnic tables which ensures that we can now offer our morning snacks outside even when the ground is a little wet! The preschool children are enjoying using the table for other activities too. We can lift the lid and place toys inside such as dinosaurs, for them to discover amongst leaves and other natural resources.