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Here is a small selection of what we have been learning

posted 2 May 2019, 08:18 by Zoe Hendy

We have spent time looking at Spring celebrations and festivals while learning about different cultures e.g. Chinese new year, St David's Day, Holi and Easter.  We also spent some time on Handa’s Hen and the children have been creating images for a display with some wonderful pictures of the animals in the story as well as Handa and her friend Akeyo.  Some of the children used their developing mark making skills to write word and number labels for the display.   

We have continued to talk about keeping healthy.  Drawing around our bodies and talking about different parts of the body both external and internal.  Children have been able to tell us about how their bodies feel after exercises as well as what food is considered healthy or just treats!  We have also been learning about looking after our teeth and children have told us of their own experiences of visiting the dentist.

We made two different types of bird feeder over the past couple of months.  Firstly we used pine cones as our base and then adding fat and bird seed.   Later we tried our hands at spreading a vegetable baking fat onto rings of apple which we then dipped in birdseed.  We hope the birds enjoyed them as much as we did making them.

We also spent time with another type of seed.   This time following an idea we saw in the National Trust magazine, we had a go at making our own wild flower seed balls for the children to take home. Hopefully they will result in some lovely flowers as the warmer weather arrives. 

We have been experimenting with shapes, pattern and colour through paint, various textured materials and our lightbox resources as well as more malleable resources such as doughs, sand mixes, herbs, grasses and gathered sticks.  We have made our own sensory bottles with different oils, coloured water, sequins and beads which were fascinating to watch as we turned, rolled and shook them!  We have also made some musical instruments from bamboo with coloured beads and bells for us to use in our music time sessions.

At the end of term we began to look at the use of puppets and to talk about the sequencing of stories through story sacks.  We will continue with this at the start of the new term using a variety of props to help children tell familiar stories themselves.

Over the next term we will also be continuing to think about how we describe size and considering how we can weigh and measure items as we build, group or share.  We will also have some fun with items that float and/or sink.