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Hambrook Hedgehogs design their own shop

posted 7 Apr 2013, 10:15 by Zoe Hendy   [ updated 7 Apr 2013, 10:18 ]
At the start of term we set up the role play area as a shop.  It wasn’t any particular shop, just some tables and tills and empty shelves for the children to fill with whatever they could find in the preschool that they wanted to sell.  We provided fluorescent tags and price stars so that the children could set the scene and we helped by asking how much the toys and other items would cost.

The children spent time designing their own shop fronts, shop shelves and making shopping lists.  This was a good opportunity to work on literacy and mathematics as well as communication and cooperation skills.  We found many familiar shop logos which we put up in the role play area.  Some children were able to identify familiar letters in the logos and many recognised shops that their families use.  Their work is displayed in the role play area.