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Forest Skills Sessions

posted 1 Sep 2015, 07:43 by Zoe Hendy
Here is a selection of some of the lovely things we did during our summer term forest skills sessions.
As part of our Hungry Caterpillar theme, the children collected all sorts of different coloured items from the forest and then used these to decorate some butterfly cut outs.

We used natural paints to decorate others (with a bit of non-natural glitter mixed in!).

We also made some butterfly shape bark rubbings.

During our next visit to the nature garden we made mini-dens for some of our little play characters.

We used all types of natural materials that we gathered including twigs, leaves, bark, stones and grass to make walls, doors, floors and beds!

We also spent time in our garden making our own rafts using cut sticks and leaves tied and stuck together with masking tape.  Then we filled a tray with water to see if they would float. We were thrilled to see that they did!

Finally we made our own perfumed potions - we gathered herbs from our border, added a little water and then crushed them down using sticks.
Some of them smelt really good!