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Forest Skills this term

posted 7 Apr 2013, 10:54 by Zoe Hendy   [ updated 7 Apr 2013, 10:56 ]
The children spent time investigating the top garden collecting items for forest sticky pictures, using magnifying glasses to investigate bark, leaves, stones and insects.  They have used mirrors to look under bushes and inside a rabbit hole.  We have counted, discussed colours, sizes and shapes of the natural world.  We added sticky tape to their boots so they could collect a ring of leaves as they moved around.

The children heard the story of ‘Birthday Bear’ who learns how much fun he can have with his birthday presents of sticks, stones and mud!

In the bottom end of the garden we moved through paths between the trees and saw the first signs of spring - first snowdrops and later daffodils.  We have listened to the sounds of the nature garden, hearing the passing train and a robin’s call. 

We finished the last session in ‘the woods’ with a picnic snack time followed by mud painting on a large sheet adding nature materials and using decorating brushes to create big strokes of ‘paint’.      
The children discovered they could add clumps of mud with the trowels and could flick the mud to create splashes, dots and dashes.  Although this proved to be a messy activity it was a great way to encourage children to mark make and develop important gross motor skills.

We have a tree that we gather by when we enter and leave the woods.  This has become our ‘whispering tree’.  The children have added small mounds of clay which they decorated into faces by collecting small twigs and leaves and pressing them into the clay.