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Developing Our Sensory Garden

posted 7 May 2013, 15:24 by Zoe Hendy   [ updated 7 May 2013, 15:25 ]
Over the Easter break we worked hard to clear and clean our patio area ready to set up our sensory garden.  During the last few weeks the children have been planting a variety of bedding plants, herbs and seed crops. 

We have two propagators so the children can grow from seed and then plant out.  They have already seen the start of some cucumber plants and our seed potatoes are enjoying their hessian home.  The children's broad beans have grown into sturdy young plants which they were able to start planting out in containers last week.  Our aim as our garden develops is to harvest our small crops and use them for our cooking. 

This area isn’t just extending our gardening opportunities it will also provide a quiet haven for our small group work.  The children have made gardening posters which we have laminated and hung in the area together with decorated flower shapes and tin foil discs woven with fabric that blow in the wind.  This helps us to cover many areas of our curriculum as they work together, developing communication skills and extending their vocabulary. 

The area is perfect for using our descriptive words, looking at colour, texture, sounds and shapes.  As you can see we are using many different types of containers too.  Old sand pits have been used for our bedding plants and also to sow wild flowers seed and we have found an unusual shaped container to make a small herb garden.

Thank you to those of you who have already donated gardening items which are already in use. If anyone has any additional materials, tools or plastic pots hanging around that they don’t need, they would be gratefully received.