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Choosing a Pre-School

posted 9 Feb 2011, 16:00 by Zoe Hendy
We’ve made a number of new updates to the website tonight. Most importantly we’ve added details of our fourth member of the team, Nicola Stinchcombe (pictured). Nicola completes the Hambrook Hedgehogs team ahead of our imminent launch.

There has also been a new section added under the heading Your Child’s Pre-School. This section of the site begins with an explanation about how important the early years of your child’s life are for their future development and why it’s important to find a preschool environment that can really help them learn through play.

The section on Experienced Staff provides a summary of the extensive early years experience of the Hambrook Hedgehogs team. Please also take a moment to read our biographies for more details of our experience.

Studies have shown that children in pre-school settings with qualified staff make more progress. We explain this further in our section on Staff Qualifications and provide a chart that illustrates why the team at Hambrook Hedgehogs are one of the most qualified in the area.

We summarise our reasons for believing that Hambrook Hedgehogs can be an outstanding option for children in Bristol and South Gloucestershire in our Why Choose Hambrook Hedgehogs section.