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posted 3 Feb 2013, 10:36 by Zoe Hendy   [ updated 7 Apr 2013, 09:27 ]
There was a lot to celebrate last term and we took the opportunity to talk about lots of different festivals and celebrations.  The children learnt about harvest time and how churches hold harvest festivals where people bring their fruit and vegetables to celebrate the harvest.  We looked at pictures of harvests around the world too and we cut a variety of fruit and vegetables that we then used as tools for painting! 

We discussed Diwali and the children made their own rangoli patterns having looked at pictures of rangoli floor designs.  This also allowed us to talk about colours and shapes.  The children made candle holders using salt dough.  In small groups they helped to mix the salt, flour and warm water which encouraged lots of talk about what we were making and why.  They formed their candle holders out of the dough, each one improvising using mark making tools, pen tops and play dough cutters.  After the holders had air dried, we decorated them with paint and glitter. 

We made a variety of firework pictures using a selection of different art methods and tools such as chalks, glue, paint, glitter and collage both individually and in larger groups.  We took the opportunity to use our descriptive words to describe what we had seen and heard in the night sky. 

As we approached Christmas we learnt some songs that we were able to perform in front of parents who called in during the last week of term to see what we were up to.  Many of the children chose to stand up at the front and take turns to choose a song or to perform solos!  We also talked about friends and family and looking forward to spending time together.