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Can We Fix It?

posted 2 Feb 2011, 12:41 by Harry Hedgehog   [ updated 2 Feb 2011, 12:54 ]
Hi everyone,

Harry here with an update of the latest developments at Hambrook Hedgehogs Preschool and After School Club.

Over the past couple of weeks the Hedgehogs staff, friends and family have continued with preparing the preschool and after school club for its opening. Walls have now been painted and almost all of the woodwork has had a fresh coat too.

If I’m honest, I’ve not seen Bob the Builder help out too much but he has been very encouraging with his can-do attitude.

The boards are ready to be filled with the children's artwork and some of the tables and chairs are in place. Toys, books and other fun activities have been brought in and our Hedgehog nest is nearly ready for the first litter.

With a beautiful sunset this week we took a photo of one of the upstairs rooms that we’ll be using as a lunch room during the day and as one of the rooms to welcome after school club children. Out of the window the sunset created an orange glow through the trees in semi-rural Hambrook.

Bye for now,