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Inset Friday 14th February 2020

posted 12 Feb 2020, 03:20 by Zoe Hendy

Just a reminder that our term finishes on Thursday 13th February as Friday is an inset day.  We will be back on Monday 24th February for Term 4. 

Hambrook Primary Open Mornings

posted 13 Sep 2019, 09:58 by Zoe Hendy   [ updated 13 Sep 2019, 09:59 ]

Is your child starting school in September 2020? Hambrook Primary have their open mornings on

Wednesday 2nd October 2019 at 10.00am
or Tuesday 22nd October 2019 at 10.00am

Please contact the school office on 0117 9568933 or email them at

office@hambrookprimary.org.uk to book yourself a place

Here is a small selection of what we have been learning

posted 2 May 2019, 08:18 by Zoe Hendy

We have spent time looking at Spring celebrations and festivals while learning about different cultures e.g. Chinese new year, St David's Day, Holi and Easter.  We also spent some time on Handa’s Hen and the children have been creating images for a display with some wonderful pictures of the animals in the story as well as Handa and her friend Akeyo.  Some of the children used their developing mark making skills to write word and number labels for the display.   

We have continued to talk about keeping healthy.  Drawing around our bodies and talking about different parts of the body both external and internal.  Children have been able to tell us about how their bodies feel after exercises as well as what food is considered healthy or just treats!  We have also been learning about looking after our teeth and children have told us of their own experiences of visiting the dentist.

We made two different types of bird feeder over the past couple of months.  Firstly we used pine cones as our base and then adding fat and bird seed.   Later we tried our hands at spreading a vegetable baking fat onto rings of apple which we then dipped in birdseed.  We hope the birds enjoyed them as much as we did making them.

We also spent time with another type of seed.   This time following an idea we saw in the National Trust magazine, we had a go at making our own wild flower seed balls for the children to take home. Hopefully they will result in some lovely flowers as the warmer weather arrives. 

We have been experimenting with shapes, pattern and colour through paint, various textured materials and our lightbox resources as well as more malleable resources such as doughs, sand mixes, herbs, grasses and gathered sticks.  We have made our own sensory bottles with different oils, coloured water, sequins and beads which were fascinating to watch as we turned, rolled and shook them!  We have also made some musical instruments from bamboo with coloured beads and bells for us to use in our music time sessions.

At the end of term we began to look at the use of puppets and to talk about the sequencing of stories through story sacks.  We will continue with this at the start of the new term using a variety of props to help children tell familiar stories themselves.

Over the next term we will also be continuing to think about how we describe size and considering how we can weigh and measure items as we build, group or share.  We will also have some fun with items that float and/or sink.    

Closure Due to Snow and Ice Friday 1st February 2019

posted 31 Jan 2019, 22:54 by Zoe Hendy

The preschool and after school club will be closed today Friday 1st February 2019 due to the snow and icy conditions. 

We've had a busy couple of months...here is just a few examples of what we have been doing!

posted 27 Dec 2018, 02:41 by Zoe Hendy   [ updated 27 Dec 2018, 02:57 ]

New and Returning Children settled very quickly into the new term and with all the fine weather we were able to spend plenty of time outside.

We spent time exploring our gardening areas, planting bulbs and sowing seeds for our propagators as well as creating some lovely beds of winter violas and pansies.

We went out walking and gathering items on our travels to make our own special potions.
We added water and some herbs and had great fun mixing everything together and smelling the results.

We collected leaves for printing and producing leaf designs like our Autumn hedgehog.  We also made a display where we matched leaves to an array of autumnal paper swatches. 

Just before Halloween we made our own pumpkin planters. The children used ice cream scoops to take out the centre of the pumpkins before filling them with compost and adding plants.

Many of our older children have spent time with our special listening leopard Lola.  Each session has given them a new activity to master while learning how to be a good listener.  All the children have worked really hard in these sessions to stay focused and to listen to Lola and each other.  They have also been able to talk about what it means to be a good listener and demonstrate this during story times and other circle time sessions. 

Inspired by the windy and rainy weather that followed our mild term we began talking about different types of weather.
ome of the children then went on to make their own weather charts to take home.

We love mark making at Hedgehogs and are always looking for new and exciting ways for children to explore and develop their mark making abilities. 

Our upside down writing sessions using a writing den where children were able to lie on their backs and write on the ceiling proved very popular as did our use of lolly sticks, painting combs and fingers when playing with gloop and with sand mousse. 

Some days we simply covered a whole table with rolls of paper and watched the results with many children choosing to draw topical pictures, characters from stories we have read or attempting their names and other words.

The Winter term provided us with plenty of opportunities to talk about different family celebrations and festivals including making diva lamps for Diwali. 

We have supported two charities by baking and cooking treats for Children in Need

and by wearing Christmas jumpers and decorating sweater bunting for Save the Children.

Finally in the run up to Christmas the children all got involved in making various items for our Christmas market role play area which they enjoyed playing in during our open mornings with many of our visiting parents.

Term Dates

posted 27 Dec 2018, 02:40 by Zoe Hendy

The table below shows our remaining term dates for this academic year.

Please note that Friday 11th January is an inset day so the preschool and after school club will be closed for children.  Monday 25th February is also an inset day so children start term 4 on Tuesday 26th February. 

The school year will end on Friday 19th July with our two final inset days the following week. 

Term 3    Monday 7th January to Friday 15th February 2019

Term 4    Tuesday 26th February to Friday 5th April 2019

Term 5    Tuesday 23rd April to Friday 24th May 2019

Term 6    Monday 3rd June to Friday 19th July 2019

A selection of learning experiences we shared in recent weeks

posted 3 Apr 2018, 09:42 by Zoe Hendy   [ updated 5 Apr 2018, 03:04 ]

The children had a visit from some dragon and lion puppets during our time looking at Chinese New Year.  In addition they made their own red pockets and pretend lucky money to put inside.  We talked about how each year is a different animal and worked out what animals we might be depending on the year of our births. 
The learning also fired some imaginations as some of us had a go at making our own Chinese dragons while others used paper to make origami dog faces.

Looking at the calendar and celebrating different festivals and cultural celebrations is a great opportunity for us to talk about our own individual family customs and ‘special’ days and to learn about the people and communities around us.

During the last few weeks this allowed us to learn how children in Wales celebrate St David’s Day and even though snow was falling outside, we had a go at making our own craft daffodils and talked of Spring!  The children were able to take home their own daffodils (now in full bloom) that they had planted at the start of the academic year.
As the term drew to a close we also celebrated St Patrick’s Day by hearing stories about Irish life and Leprechauns and the day was rounded off with lots of Irish dancing.  Thank you to a couple of our after school girls for sharing some of their dance moves to get us all started. 

On the subject of music, the children have particularly enjoyed playing musical instruments so we had a go at making some of our own.

We used a selection of dried foods and with the help of funnels managed to get these inside our plastic bottles. Once we had enough inside to make a good noise we sealed each bottle and then decorated them.

Afterwards we had great fun making our own music and practicing playing quietly and loudly, slowly and quickly, high up and low down, in time to music and to accompany our marching!

During the very cold weather, the children discovered some blocks of ice in our tray. Inside they could see some sea creatures waiting to escape but the question was, how to free them?

We had some brilliant discussions about how we could possibly break the ice or ways to make the ice melt and eventually after lots of hard work all of the creatures were freed and we were able to play with them!

The children took part in Safer Internet Day. We read and discussed the story of a penguin who learned how to be safe when using his tablet and we talked about the need to ask for an adult’s help if something doesn’t seem right.  We also talked about other ways to stay safe from harm such as at home in the kitchen or out and about near water or roads.  Lots of the children were able to give us examples of how they can keep safe and when they need an adult’s help or guidance.

When asking the children what they wanted to learn most this term, one of the children wanted to learn about "being a princess".  We read some princess stories and looked at some images of our own royal family. 

This led on to discussions about knights and castles too and we spent some time making crowns, dressing up, story telling and turning our role play area into a castle. 

Thanks again to some after school children who got into the spirit and added some of their art work to help create turrets, a drawbridge, shields and a knight in armour.

Sometimes making your mark doesn’t have to involve paper and pens to help develop drawing or early writing skills.  Some of the children have really got stuck into playing with gloop.  The mixture of cornflour and water has a lovely feel to it and is brilliant for making marks which then disappear.  We used a variety of tools such as brushes, sticks from the garden, pine cones and cotton reels to drag through the gloop to make various marks and for some of the children to practice the letters of their names.  However, probably one of the most popular ideas was making bear claw marks by dragging our fingernails through the gloop towards us! 

We have continued with our focus on healthy eating and how to keep our bodies healthy through exercise this term.  As part of this learning we baked some wholemeal bread rolls which we formed into hedgehogs using our scissor skills and harvested some more of our winter salads and carrots to take home.

We drew round one of the children and then took turns drawing and naming different parts of the body both on the inside and the outside. This led to all sorts of discussions such as where to find our brains and what makes up our skeleton.

We have also been discussing our feelings and emotions. Some of the children drew pictures of their faces when they were experiencing different emotions.  They used a mirror to help them to see what their faces looked like. At circle times we talked about how we feel and how our actions might make others feel and what we can do to make sure we are all happy at Hedgehogs. 

Severe Weather Closure

posted 1 Mar 2018, 10:15 by Zoe Hendy

We will be closed on Friday 2nd March for preschool and after school club due to continued bad weather.  Hope you all have fun in the snow and stay safe.  

Hambrook Hedgehogs

Severe Weather Early Closure

posted 1 Mar 2018, 02:12 by Zoe Hendy

Due to the met office forecast we are closing preschool at 12pm today.  As the school is closed we will not be running after school club today.

We will review the situation later today with regards to our plans for opening or remaining closed tomorrow.

Hambrook Hedgehogs 

It's been a busy few months again!

posted 30 Dec 2017, 05:33 by Zoe Hendy   [ updated 30 Dec 2017, 08:20 ]

Growing our own produce and developing our flower beds has given us plenty of opportunity to extend our learning through exploration, creativity and imaginative play.  The children have spent time over the last few months sowing seeds, planting out vegetables and flowers before harvesting some of these to take home to taste.  

We have also discovered where seeds come from by cutting open some of our vegetables and drying out seeds and pods for use in our garden again.

We have used herbs with play dough and then with clay to create our own islands...

with the children choosing to extend the play by introducing pirates and boats to the shorelines. 

We have concocted potions with old flower heads and herbs as well as creating mud kitchen delights too!

Not only are the children learning about the natural environment by observing growth and changes over time...

but we have also explored the smells and textures of our sensory trails as well as discovering windmills, sea shells and a variety of bugs hidden there! 

We have used our imaginations and knowledge of books we have shared to go on bear hunts, re-enact the Enormous turnip and look for the Gruffalo too.

Several children have been very interested in rockets and space. We provided them with recycled materials, pictures and books and they made these brilliant rockets and a spaceship which flew all round our play space.

At circle time we read QPootle5 and heard about the problems he had with the rocket booster on his spaceship! We made alien play dough in that well known shade "QPootle5 green". 

We also had a go at making our own ‘moon sand’ using different types of flour and oils.  The children moulded it in different ways and we also tried smoothing it out to make footprint trails.

The Autumn terms have given us plenty of opportunity to talk about our families and other people in our community considering traditions and celebrations, similarities and differences and festivals of importance. 

We made cakes and raised money for Children in Need helping the children to understand the importance of this charity work. 

We have looked at various festivals and special dates in the calendar including making firework pictures and lamps for Diwali,

fruit spiders and pepper jack-o-lanterns for Halloween, poppies and observing a silence for Remembrance as well as fluffy St Andrew’s day flags. 

Our story times often allow us to further explore and develop our ideas as well as creating our own play themes.  Over the last couple of terms this has been evident when the children were keen to create their own robots following the reading of Harry and the Robots.

Whilst we were collecting a selection of recycled resources, two of our After School Club Children wrote out instructions on ‘how to make your own robot’ as well as creating an example robot for inspiration. 

We re-read the story of Harry and the Robots and saw how he made his own robots before the preschoolers used the collected loose parts to make their own designs.

Some of the robots were very clever. Their "buttons" could make them do all sorts of things including talk, walk forwards, walk backwards, stand on someone's head and putting on sunglasses (to name just a few)!

We have also spent time reacting some of our favourite stories such as Room on the Broom and My Mother’s Sari as well as exploring traditional tales with puppets and props such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the Three Little Pigs and the Gingerbread Man.

Finally, in the last week of term we were delighted so many parents were able to come and join us for our open mornings to play with the children and make such a wonderful selection of crafts. 

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