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Building Self Confidence with Forest Skills Sessions

Forest school activities can promote self confidence with challenging yet achievable tasks that children can take pride in.  This is hands on active learning that is all inclusive.  Children of differing abilities can take part with adaptation by the leader for those that need it. 

Language and culture barriers in the classroom are overcome in nature as staff members can help children to gather items, point out areas of interest, demonstrate smell and texture and work with children to use tools safely. 

There has been a great deal of interest in what appears to be a widening gap between girls and boys initial ability at primary school entry age. We feel that forest school sessions may help to reset the balance a little. 

Boys can be boys in the woods, free to explore, to build, and to develop their gross motor skills in preparation for developing those all important fine motor skills needed for writing.

Children who may not want to spend creative time at a table top may well feel compelled to be creative in the woods. What child could fail to be captivated by making mud faces in the knots on trees or writing on sheets hung from trees for example! 

Children who lack confidence or have difficulty in socialising with others may find that they are free to be themselves in the woods as they have the opportunity to shine with what they produce too. 

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