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Allowing Children to Play

In today’s technical age we feel that it is vital that children don’t simply understand nature and conservation needs from television programmes and the internet.  Today’s children are aware of global warming and the problems of depleting rain forests which is important but do they appreciate what is going on in their own local green spaces?

We want Hambrook Hedgehog preschoolers to spend time recognising British birds and insects as they play outside.  If we become a society that doesn’t know what these are anymore how can we grow to respect their conservational needs?  So forest skills sessions can be built around these too.  Looking at different types of flora and fauna and taking these experiences back into the pre-school to investigate more through books and computers.  To make displays, use art or role play or simply to play out their experiences!

Hambrook Hedgehogs has the advantage of being in a semi-rural location with many local areas to explore. With a leader qualified in running forest skill sessions you can be assured that care is taken to ensure the safety and welfare of children at all times.

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