Forest Skills

Why choose a Pre-School with Forest Skills Sessions?

Cast your mind back to your childhood and imagine walking freely through the trees picking up items from the forest floor. Feel the ground under your feet, the breeze on your face and the smells, colours and textures of the nature around you.

At Hambrook Hedgehogs we want our pre-school children to experience this too.  Whilst we can and will provide outdoor play that includes bikes and trikes, climbing equipment and running in our outdoor play areas we also want to encourage exploring our local environment.  This will be done in a safe and constructive way that helps children to use their natural enquiring minds to investigate nature, dig in the ground or build a shelter. 

Toy shops are full of water play structures, gardening activities and toys that show pictures of birds and insects.  Forest school activities demonstrate these things for real, from cataloguing different types of flowers and leaves to building a bug house out of hollowed out elder branches. 

 Building a bug house
 A Crown of Forest Items

This section of the website provides more information about why Hambrook Hedgehogs will be enjoying some of these forest experiences with our early years children so that they too can have fond memories of their roaming childhoods.

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